A book that could change your life?

That’s the question that’s been raised by some people, and for those who read this book, the answer is yes.

“Outlander” author Diana Gabaldon has been on the hunt for a way to make her book about a woman from Scotland’s Highlands a real, lived-in experience for a very long time.

Gabaldin was one of the first women to write a book about her own experiences in the world of Scottish mythology, and the first woman to write about her family’s history.

But as a child, she didn’t even know her own name.

“I was called the first name Diana Gabal.

My father had just died.

I was just born in Edinburgh in 1894.

And my name was called by the people that lived in that village.”

It was only when she was in her early 20s that she was given a proper name.

But while Diana Gabals story has made its way to many bookshelves over the years, “Outland” is one of her most personal.

In “Outlands,” Gabalden takes on the mythic landscape of Scotland’s islands in search of a way for her characters to understand the lives of their ancestors.

It’s also the story of a woman who’s lived a very lonely life.

“It’s so much about the fact that the only people that know the name of a person are those who know their own names.

So we really want to give them the opportunity to get to know who they are,” Gabals mother, Helen, told ABC News.

Gabal is writing a second book, called “Outlanders,” which will include a new character named Kaitlin.

She says her book is going to be about “the story of this person’s life, her history, her identity.”

So far, Gabalds book has sold over 500,000 copies.

Gabals book is part of the latest wave of self-published books being made available through the bookseller eBooks.

The Amazon Kindle edition, for example, has been sold more than 400,000 times.

In the U.K., “Outlandish” is already the #1 selling book on Amazon in terms of overall sales.

But Gabaldins success has led her to be on the list of the biggest names in the self-publishing world, along with authors such as Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman.

“The first thing that I always say about my books is that they’re all about the person.

I don’t know how else to say it.

They’re all written by people who really want their book to be as real as possible,” Gabalfin said.

“People that have suffered, people that have lost their parents, people who have had children who haven’t survived, people whose marriages have ended in divorce, people with Alzheimer’s disease, people in mental health crises, people from all walks of life.”

“Outposts” will be published by Amazon in June.

“For people who are self-producing books, it’s a good time to see how well they’re selling,” Gabaldi said.

Gabaldi’s book has been described as “a celebration of our history, our place in the wider world, and our love for our own land.”

It will be available in U.S. and Canadian bookstores on June 29, and on the Kindle on June 30.

Gabalfinds first book was published in 1892.

She told ABC that she’s had the book on her shelves for 40 years, and that she has “been writing a new one every two months.”

She hopes to finish the book by the end of the year.