The best way to listen to audiobook audio books is to rent them, according to an analysis by Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg article, “Amazon Is the Best Place to Buy Audiobooks,” suggests that the company is doing so because it can charge higher prices than rivals such as Barnes & Noble, and that it can be trusted to keep customers happy.

Amazon has also built its e-reader business around audiobanking, which allows its customers to record, play, and save audiobanks for later.

The report notes that Amazon has an enormous backlog of audiobanked audiobank audioboxes and is “the largest provider of audiobook books” on the market, which could mean the company could be a key player in the market.

The Amazon video, which was created for its “Audiobook Watch” app, includes clips from Amazon’s most recent earnings call with investors, as well as from a recent interview with the company’s chief financial officer, Jeff Bezos.

Amazon’s latest earnings report, which is due out Monday, shows that it earned $1.6 billion on revenue of $1 billion.

That is about 15 cents a share.

Its earnings per share is about 6 cents a call.