The former Disney executive has been a prolific author since the 1980s, but his latest work has been published on the Kindle for the first time, as well as through a book club that includes books by David Foster Wallace, Anne Rice, and many more.

Brown’s newest book, A Thousand Plateaus: An American Novel, is a biography of his grandfather, who worked in the oil industry and was a major figure in the civil rights movement.

Brown said the book has sold more than 4 million copies and is the most-sold book in his entire career.

Brown is no stranger to the Amazon Kindle market, having been a regular patron in his native South Africa for many years.

His other books include The Last Word, A Life of Joy, and the novel A Night at the Opera.

A few of the books he’s published in his time include: A Book of the Century: Stories from the Heart of America, a collection of stories from his family that he collected while living in Brooklyn, New York; The Book of Sixty Years: The Life of Charles Dickens, published in 1926, and includes the work of Sir Isaac Newton; A Brief History of Time, written in the 1860s and written about the rise of the Industrial Revolution, which has since been reissued as A Brief Guide to the Future by the author of The Book That Changed History, Arthur C. Clarke; A History of the English Language: A Collection of Essays, by Edward Gibbon; and A Book on Being, published by Macmillan in 1894, which includes poems by Thomas Paine.