How to start a self help book club in India?

I have been asked many times how to start it, but what are the best practices for a self-help book club?

I am not a lawyer and am a big fan of writing self-improvement books myself, but here is a short list of some basic steps you can follow to start one.


Set up your own bookshelf 2.

Write a book on self-esteem 3.

Write about yourself and the self 4.

Write books about your favourite topics like self-confidence, happiness, self-worth, and so on 5.

Create a board with a group of other authors who are also self-supporting 6.

Join the Facebook group (not a formal group) and post articles and links on your bookshelelf to share and discuss your self-development efforts 7.

Create your own book club with other self-boosters 8.

Keep a list of self-talk books you have written and published 9.

Write articles about your bookshelves 10.

Post a link to your blog 11.

Post your bookclubs website to social media 12.

Post links to your books on your blog or other sites where people can read your books 13.

Write your own blog about the books you self-advance 15.

Write the book(s) yourself