– For many people, the Dark Knight is the only movie they’ve ever seen, but not for Warner Bros. It’s a role they’ll never have to fill again.

Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, which hit theaters in 2010, is the movie that brought us The Dark Knight, the first superhero movie that many considered the epitome of what was then called ‘superheroics’.

In the words of a New York Times review, Nolan’s vision of the superhero genre is so expansive that he seems to be saying it’s a genre of his own, but there’s no denying that the movie is full of themes and ideas that have been around for decades.

It’s hard to overstate how much that movie has influenced our cultural consciousness, Nolan said at a recent event promoting the film.

“There’s nothing else that has been a more important influence on our society than Batman Begins,” he said.

When he made Batman Begins more than a decade ago, it was a dark, dark day for the superhero films that preceded it.

But even then, there was little to suggest that the films would continue to influence our world and society, especially in the US, Nolan admitted.

We were all watching movies like The Dark Crystal, or The Dark Horse, and I don’t think any of us thought that these films would be in our movies in the future, Nolan added.

That all changed with Nolan’s own movie, Batman Begins.

At the time, the DC Comics character of Batman was seen as a cartoonish version of Superman, who was a symbol of the American dream.

Nolan wanted to explore what that dream was all about and how it might be realized in the real world, and the film he shot was all of those things.

The Dark Horse comic book series that launched the superhero craze was published in the 1940s by Jack Kirby and Robert Crumb, who created characters like Superman, the Flash and Wonder Woman.

The comic book characters had already been in print for years, but Nolan took the characters and applied them to a different world and used them as a vehicle for the themes he wanted to address in the film, Nolan explained.

One of the most profound things I wanted to do with Batman was that it is a character that has to be brought back from the dead.

It has to come back to life, and that is the theme that resonates through the whole film,” he explained.

While Batman was brought back to full life as a character, he was still a criminal, and a villain in the comics, Nolan noted.

In his film, Batman is now a hero, a vigilante who has to protect Gotham City from the forces of darkness and chaos that are plaguing it, and he’s going to have to do it alone.

Nolan has been involved in the superhero movies for more than 30 years, having worked on such films as The Dark Angel, The Dark Knights, The Batman, The Killing Joke, and The Dark Riders of the Purple Sage.

Since taking over as director of The Dark City in 2014, Nolan has become known for his cinematic sensibilities and his take on themes that have remained important to comic book fans.

He’s also become known as a filmmaker who knows how to connect with audiences, creating memorable characters that resonate with audiences and that resonate in a way that makes them feel relatable, Nolan told reporters at the event.

His films often have a real-world feel to them, Nolan acknowledged.

He said he was often influenced by the way that his mother, a woman who is not the biggest fan of superheroes, would come to him with stories that she had heard her children tell about Batman and Robin.

I think my mother would have liked the way I would have approached it.

She was so inspired by it, Nolan continued.

And so, in many ways, Nolan is telling a story in The Dark Night, he said, with the theme of the way Batman must live.

For the first time in the history of The Batman and The Superman movies, the characters in the films are all real people.

And I think the film speaks to the fact that real people, real lives matter, Nolan stated.”

This film is really about how Batman is trying to live,” Nolan added, adding that the film is about how he must live, how he wants to live, and how he should live.”

He has to live in the shadows, but he also has to fight to live.

This film is kind of about him fighting and living in the dark.

“What does that mean?

It means that in The Batman Begins we see the dark side of the city, Nolan pointed out.

As he pointed out, there are many people in Gotham who don’t share his view on the Batman, but that’s not what the film says