By MATT BROWNBYThe real meaning behind ‘Witcher,’ the best-selling magical detective book by American author Patrick Rothfuss, may be a lot more complicated than the plot synopsis suggests.

The title of the book is the story of a young woman named Wintemute who meets a mysterious stranger named Mina who is trying to find her mother.

She goes to visit Mina in the mountains, but her mother and Mina are dead.

After Mina is murdered, Wintamute goes to meet the man who killed her mother in order to find out what really happened to her.

Wintemutem has two brothers and a sister.

The book ends with the book’s protagonist, Witsum, discovering that he is also a witcher, a magical person who can see the future and can change the world.

The book has been translated into many languages and sold in nearly 150 countries.

The book’s creators, Rothfus and Michael Moorcock, are well known for their work with The Hobbit and other fantasy series.

Rothfuses latest novel, The Wise Man’s Fear, is out in paperback on Tuesday.

The Witchers are also known for publishing other books.

Rothfuss and Moorcock were the authors of the bestseller The Lord of the Rings trilogy.