Microsoft Surface book users are having a lot of fun with the Surface Book, but they can’t help but be a little disappointed in its pricing.

The Surface Book is currently listed at $899.99 for a 12-inch model and a 14-inch device.

This price is only $10 cheaper than the Surface Pro 4, which was the top-selling notebook in the U.S. for five months in 2017.

The 16-inch version of the Surface has been the most popular model of the current generation, and the 12- and 14-inchers are the most affordable for any of Microsoft’s devices.

But if you want a good value, you can pick up the 13-inch Surface Book for around $1,200.

And if you’re a fan of Surface Book apps, you could probably live with a 14 or 16-incher for $500 less.

The 12-inche Surface Book with Surface Pen is the best deal Microsoft has for its newest laptop, but if you need a bigger, more versatile laptop, the 15-inch or 16+-inchen Surface Book may be a better bet.

If you have a Surface Book or a Surface Pro, you’ll want to take advantage of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for a price of $1.99 per month for a lifetime subscription.

Microsoft is also offering a $400 discount for Microsoft Surface Books with Surface Pens.