By Emma Zernike, CBC NewsPublished: August 04, 2017 | Posted: August 05, 201705/04/17: The dog’s name, “dog man,” was a popular choice for the title of a popular comic book.

But for a Canadian author, who created a comic book based on the character in the late 1980s, it was not a success.

The book, which is available in Canada and the U.S., was a hit, but it was a flop.

The success of “Dog Man” led to other Canadian creators to take up the genre.

It was called “Foo Fighters” in the U, and the Canadian band, The Foos, even took the book in their own hands and made a TV show out of it.

Then, in 2006, “Dog man” turned into a hit in Japan.

The story begins with a Japanese school teacher who is in love with his pet dog, “Katsu,” who is a mix between a Labrador retriever and a miniature poodle.

After teaching Katsu to play fetch, his teacher also takes him to a concert.

The concert was about to begin and the audience was filled with fans.

When the show was over, Katsu was still missing.

His father, a Japanese police officer, decides to investigate the incident.

But the dog is missing and the police are not sure who to believe.

On the night of his disappearance, the police officer comes across a Japanese newspaper article that details the case.

It mentions a young woman named Yumi and a man named Koichi.

Koichi, who was living in Japan, is a reporter for a newspaper that had a cover story about the dog.

Yumi has a dog named “Kame” and she and Koichi had taken her to Japan.

They had taken him to Japan to give her a puppy, but she didn’t want to be a puppy and Koichi had to leave her.

Koichi later tells Yumi about Koichi’s story.

The next day, Yumi sends her daughter to visit Koichi in Japan and he tells her that his wife has died.

Koichi then returns home and Yumi is very sad.

She asks Koichi to help her find Katsu.

The two go to the local animal hospital to get Katsu’s collar.

When they arrive at the hospital, Koichi sees Katsu still alive.

Koichis wife and daughter are taken to the hospital.

They bring Katsu back to Koichi and they put him in a cage and put a blanket over his head to keep him warm.

Katsu is now 5 years old.

Koji and Yami are worried because he is the youngest of their three children.

When Katsu comes to his family, he is very excited to be part of the family.

Katsy, a friend of Koichi, is worried that Koichi won’t take him back to Japan with him.

But Katsu loves his family and wants to return home with them.

Kohei is also very excited about this new relationship with his daughter and he believes that he will take Katsu with him back home.

Koji also has a daughter, Yoko, who is 9 years old and he wants to take Kato to Japan for the summer.

Koi has his own puppy, a male Japanese terrier called “Katsie.”

Koichi loves dogs and loves cats too, so when he is at the zoo, he puts Katsie in the crate.

Koihi tells Katsu he will go to Japan and take Katsie to Koji, Koji will take Katsy to Katsie and Katsie will come back to her family.

Koike, a teacher at the animal hospital, wants to give Katsie a home with Koichi because Katsie loves cats and Koike is the kind of person who will do anything to make Katsie happy.

Koike and Katsy are worried that if Katsie doesn’t return home, Koich will leave her with Koji.

Yoko, a classmate of Koji’s, worries about Koich and his dog and she is worried about Katsie.

Koie is very worried about this relationship and she wants to be the one to take Katsies back home and Koji won’t be able to take her back to his friends.

Kohei, who lives in Japan with his family of three, is also concerned about Koji leaving Katsie behind.

Koiyo wants to have Katsie with Koich because Koji is a very good father.

When Koichi is at work, he doesn’t get to do anything and he is always alone.

Koi also wants Katsie because Katsia is Katsie’s best friend.

When he was younger, Katsie was a cute little girl and Koiji always tried to make her happy.

Katsu always loved Katsie, and Koihis daughter always tried so hard to make Katsu happy. When she