Search engine giant Google has announced that it is rolling out a new tool that can help people create books in their native languages, as it tries to create a seamless ecosystem around books.

Google is launching a new service, Google Book Depository, which will allow users to easily create books, or create books from scratch, in a number of languages.

Users will be able to create new books by searching for words, images, titles and tags in the books that they have recently read.

The service will also provide users with feedback on their book, along with the option to share the book with their friends, family and even family members, according to a statement from Google.

Users can also upload their own books, and the service will work with Google Books in any of its supported languages.

The company says that users can also export their books to Google Drive or other cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, OneDrive and Box.

The new service is currently available only in English, but Google is also planning to launch it in other languages in the future.

Google Books will also let users share books on social networks, as well as use Google’s own online community.

The social media integration will be enabled in the next release of Google Books, which is due out on March 30, 2018.

Google Book Depositories will be a great way for books to grow their readership in new languages, but it also seems that it may be a distraction for users of the Google Books app.

While users of Google’s online book service will continue to be able search for words in their books, they may also have to do some extra legwork to find the books they want.

If Google Books were to go the other way and allow users of its own social media services to search for the words that they want, the search engine could quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer number of books that are being written in the same language.