This week, Coraline fans got a little more insight into the next chapter of the Coraline series with the launch of Project Blue Books, a series of Coraline books.

Project Blue books are set to be released in March 2018.

This book series is set to debut in 2017.

Coraline is a popular franchise that’s been around since the 1980s, and the Corlislong series is the series that started it all.

The books are written by the Corallinan writer/director, Jennifer LeFevre.

They’re all written by Coraline fan favorites, and have a lot in common with each other.

They all focus on the Corals family of animals, and are about a young Coraline’s life before her adventures with the Corales.

The series is currently being co-written by Coralena Jones and Jeff Johnson.

These books will be published by Penguin Random House.

They will have a title on the cover and a special edition for Coraline collectors.

They also have a special feature on the books, where they will also be available to buy digitally.

There will be two volumes of the books for $10 each, and a limited edition for $40.

You can get all the details on the series here.

Coralen books will also come out in March, but they won’t be as popular.

They were only released last year and have sold very poorly.

Corals book series will not be coming back anytime soon, but Coraline Book 2 will be coming out in 2018.

The Coraline novels have also been a huge success for the Coralines books and books in general.

In addition to the Coralis books, there are now over 300 books published by Coralis Books, including books from the series and Coraline: Life in the Coralian Jungle, Coralis: Wild Life in Coraline Land, and Coralis Book 2.

It will be interesting to see what the next Coraline novel will be like.

The first Coraline movie is currently in production.

The sequel, Corals Book 3, will be out sometime in 2019.

What books are you most excited for this year?