Bookseller Matt McGuire has a new book out called The Book Of The Month for Sept. 5.

It’s the first book McGuire’s written since leaving his job at Borders to launch a self-publishing business, and he describes it as “the definitive guide to the best books of the month.”

The book was first published on April 15, 2018, but McGuire says it was delayed because he needed to finish his work at Borders.

He said he’s had “hundreds” of people reach out to him to ask him about the book.

He says the book was one of his “favorite things” to write, and that he was always looking for “to have a new favorite.”

McGuire says his new book is a compilation of what he’s learned about books over the years.

It features a “top 10” list, curated by his wife, Susan, that includes “books that I think everyone should read.”

He said he wanted to take a different approach to his “top ten” list to include “new, unpublished books.”

McGowan says he has a passion for books and has written several, but his favorite is the one on his “to-read” list: “How to Write,” by Stephen King.

The book is “very hard to read” and contains “very graphic” language, McGuire said, but he was able to get through it “with some ease.”

McGrinnis books include “How To Talk To Women: The Essential Guide,” “How Not To Be A Creep,” “The Essential Guide To Being a Gentleman,” “A Gentleman’s Guide To Women,” and “Men And Women: A Gentleman’s Survival Guide.”

Mcguire also has a list of “best books of 2018” for Amazon, which includes “How Do You Build A Million Dollar Brand?”

McGuist’s book is called “What I’m Reading That You Don’t Read,” and it was written “in response to a year in which I couldn’t read any new or published books, because I was busy working at a bookshop.”

McGuyans wife Susan said that the book “had a really strong sense of humor and humor, a kind of wit and wit.”

She said it’s “kind of a laugh track to some of the stories he has.”

McManus first book was “The Big Book of Love” in 1996, and it “is kind of the bible of all things romantic and romantic fiction,” Susan said.

McGuinness books are often considered “the bible of romance fiction,” and Susan said “his love stories are so beautifully told.”

McGlinchey said he hopes his book will “make a difference in our community.”

He said “people should read his books and not just sit down and read books for fun.”

McInnis said his book “was a really big deal for me.”

McIntyre said that he “was always interested in reading and researching and thinking about things I wasn’t even aware of, and I loved learning more about books and authors and the writing process.”

McIrvin said he “thought this book was going to be the bible for romance novels, and now I’m glad I read it.”

McLoughlin said his first book “Is That Really You?” was “the kind of book that is going to make you feel like you’re reading something that you’ve never heard of.”

McDonald said he is “still learning” about “what it means to be a writer, and what the world of romance is really about.”

McKenzie said he was “very excited to be able to share his book with all of you, and hope it helps other people as well.”

McMahon said he wants to “share his passion and love for reading with other people in the future.”

McDonagh said “I’ve been thinking about my own passion for writing for years, and my book has just been one of the things that I’ve been most looking forward to doing over the last year.”

McMcGuish said he plans to “continue writing” and “have a long, happy, and fulfilling career as a writer.”

McNeely said he’d “really love” to read the book but “can’t say that I’m sure of its contents.”

McClendon said he enjoys “reading a lot of new books” and wants to read “a lot of good, interesting, well-written books that I really enjoyed writing” in the coming year.

McKinnis said “the best books I’ve ever read” are “the books that made me a better person.”

McIngney said he’ll read “the next few books that are coming out” that he thinks “make me feel like I’m not going to live without my book.”

McIvor said he has “been reading a lot” of books, and “a couple” have been “totally new.”

McNichols said he thinks it’s