TGI Fridays is taking vegan burgers to new heights at the fast-food chain, with the restaurant opening a burger at the popular Texas-based fast-casual chain.

The TGI Thursday’s burger, which was introduced in October, has already become a popular choice among vegetarians and vegans in the Dallas area.

The burgers have been available at the restaurant since March and were introduced with a twist.

“They’re not vegan, they’re veggie burgers,” TGI Thursdays spokesman Brad Torgerson told the Dallas Morning News.

“They’re really good.

It’s a really unique burger, a vegetarian burger.

You’ve got your pick of everything.”

The TFC, which owns and operates more than 10,000 restaurants across the country, announced Thursday that it is expanding its line of vegan burgers.

TFC will introduce a vegan version of its popular burger, the Vegan Burgers at TFC Burger, a burger that includes a vegan cheese spread, lettuce, tomato, mayo, tomato sauce and pickled jalapenos.

The vegan burgers will be available at TFI Fridays stores and in select restaurants.

“The vegan burger is the most popular vegan burger in the world and is the perfect treat for our guests,” TFC CEO Brian Nickels said in a statement.

“The vegan Burger is our way of recognizing the vegan lifestyle, which is why we’ve been working hard to bring our new line of burgers to our restaurants and to our guests over the past few years.”TFC Burger is the first burger TFC has launched at a fast-fast-food restaurant, which will be the first to serve a vegan burger.

The chain will introduce two other vegan burger offerings in the future, TFC said.