Free online books can offer you a whole new perspective on books you’ve been reading for years.

Whether it’s the latest literary thrillers or indie novels that are just right for you, we’ve compiled our picks to get you started.

If you’re looking for a quick read, there are tons of books to choose from.

Check out the full list below and let us know in the comments what you think is the best.

Read more: Top 10 free online fiction books: Avengers vs. X-Men: It’s the first of four films from Marvel Studios.

In this comic-book sequel, Wolverine and Storm are the new superpowered pair of superheroes who are battling a race of aliens who are also the same race as their own.

Boys Don’t Cry: Written by Matt Furie and illustrated by Ryan Stegman, this graphic novel series from Image Comics features a female character who is in love with a boy.

Chronicles of the Dead: This is a collection of short stories from the creator of the popular RPG series Dungeons & Dragons.

Dawn of the Sea: One of the best comic books to have ever been published.

It was published in 2000 and continues to resonate with readers and is still a beloved game in its own right.

Dragon Ball: The series is a series of four manga volumes that are published in English by Bandai Namco.

It focuses on Goku, the youngest son of the Universe 6 and the heir to the Dragon Ball Super series.

Gunslinger Girl: In the early 1990s, the creator, Terry Brooks, was working on the comic book adaptation of his children’s novel, “The Girl Who Lived,” a young girl who dreams of becoming a superhero.

I Love You, Man: An animated film from the director of the 1995 Pixar film “Toy Story,” it’s a classic tale of two teenage girls who must stop a man from killing their beloved dog, the Beagle.

Masters of Sex: Author David Foster Wallace has a very strong connection with women in general and he penned an essay in 2013 titled “What the World Needs Now.”

My Favorite Martian: Artist Mike Richardson has a fantastic line of books, most recently “The Martian Chronicles.”

It follows a group of people who are stranded on Mars and it’s an adventure that has an ending.

Rise of the Black Angels: With the popularity of the TV show, “Black and White,” and “The X-Files” films, this series has a strong following among fans.

Star Wars: After decades of Star Wars films, the series “The Clone Wars” is coming back for a sixth season.

This show is based on the animated TV series created by George Lucas and his brother, Lucasfilm.

Tales from the Borderlands: If a novel isn’t enough, this one can be a great introduction to a character or world.

The New Adventures of Tintin: There’s a great deal of love for this author, as he is one of the few who has actually created a series, “Tintin,” for children.

Trinity: “Trinity” is a new novel by author Stephen King, which is set in the same universe as “The Stand.”

Viking: Set in the world of Viking culture, this is a historical novel that takes place in the early Viking Age.

Worms: While there are plenty of books about vampires, none of them quite hit the heights of “The Hunger Games.”

That’s because the vampires are portrayed in the novels as being far more powerful than in the TV series. Read more: