A young girl in the village of Haldipur, in northern India, has made a mark on the country’s tourism industry.

The book, A Perfect Picture: A Girl’s Journey to Independence from the Indian Army, has been sold out since its release.

The book is based on the life of Harshini Ram, a 13-year-old girl from Iron County who was captured and later rescued by the Indian army.

She was taken to a military hospital and released by a court martial.

Her father, a doctor who works in a hospital, decided to give the book to the villagers for free.

The villagers have become the biggest booksellers in the country.

The Haldi, the village’s main language, is spoken by only a few dozen people.

A book is sold at a price ranging from $1 to $10.

The prices are much lower in other parts of India where people are more likely to be illiterate.

“It was a perfect picture for our village.

Everyone in our family used to talk about the book.

We read it at least twice a week,” said Harshani’s father, Jitendra.

The village has a library and a large public library.

“We were able to do this bookshop because of our good connections with the government and people.

We are proud to be the only one in the area.

We were able do this for the people of Iron County.

Now we are happy,” he added.

Harshinis father said he is not afraid to sell his daughter’s story.

“If it was an advertisement, we wouldn’t sell her book, but it’s because we want people to know about her.

She has made history and she deserves to be remembered,” he said.

Iron County’s tourism board chairman, G. P. Bhuvneshwar, said the book has been a big success.

“This is our second book of this kind and it is a big hit.

We have sold about 70 books.

It is our pride that we are able to bring such a book to Iron County,” he told The Times Of India.