Amazon Books will be offering its first book club, Dune, in a move to make the bookshop more accessible to parents.

The new “Dunes” book club will be open from April 24 to June 5.

The club will allow you to add your own books, and you will be able to submit your own content to be reviewed and published by the authors of the books.

Dune author George R.R. Martin has said he is going to publish more Dune books.

It is a great way for parents to connect with other parents and read more books with their children.

The book club was first announced last year by the Amazon Books website, but it has yet to be launched officially.

The Dune book club is based on the concept of “parental control”, which is an approach in which parents can decide what books are suitable for children.

“We’re just getting started with Dune,” said Amazon Books founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement.

“I’m a big fan of Dune and am thrilled to be joining forces with our parents to help them create the ultimate Dune collection.”

This book club also lets us offer parents the ability to find new books for their children.

“Amazon is also giving away free books through the new Dunes book club.

Amazon will pay for one of the titles published, and Amazon will distribute the book through the company’s Kindle e-reader app.

The company has previously launched a “Doom Squad” bookclub to give parents the chance to see what’s coming up in their favorite games.