Cory Booker is a longtime friend of a former girlfriend who was allegedly involved in a book sale at the former Booker T. Washington residence, a source close to the relationship told Axios.

The source also said the former girlfriend, who was also the sister of Cory Booker, was also a “medium” bookseller.

The book sale allegedly happened in 2017.

The sources said the book sale happened in the basement of Booker’s home and involved “high-end, mid-century, midcentury and modern fiction.”

The book was sold for $2,500, the sources said.

The friends of the former friend said the sale was “completely unplanned.”

“She is the best friend of Cory’s.

She is one of the best friends of Cory and they are friends,” the source said.

Booker’s office did not immediately respond to Axios’ request for comment.