IGN has learned that the New Testament book fairs that are being held in many locations around the world have not been affected by the pandemic, but some have been told to cancel.

In some cases, books that were already available to children are being turned into gift certificates, or even used to buy gift cards.

Some stores have cancelled their book fair entirely, citing the shortage of booklets for the holiday season.

The book fair is one of the most prestigious events in the world, with the New York Times ranking it as one of 10 of the 100 most important events in history.

The New Testament Bible book fair will be held in New York City on January 27, 2019.

The event, which takes place at the Robert Mondavi Memorial Library, is also one of three book fair in New Orleans, Louisiana, that have been canceled.

The other two are in Memphis and Charleston, South Carolina.

In some cases where book fair organizers have announced the cancellation, the news has been picked up by other news outlets.

For example, on Sunday, a book fair organizer announced that the event would go ahead, but added that the book fair had been cancelled for the rest of the year.

In another instance, the bookfair organizer said the book was being cancelled for 2019 because of the pandemics.

In its statement, the New Orleans Book Fair said that the books would be used at a book store that was open to the public.

However, it was not clear if the book store would be open to booklets.

The book fair also said that it would “continue to work with local organizations to bring booklets to people who need them.”

The organizers added that they were “working to ensure that everyone has access to the books they need for Christmas, New Year’s, and the upcoming holidays.”

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