We are entering the final days of the 2017 season.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how best to read books during this time, and I’ve come up with my top five best books to read during the next 12 months.

Read more The top five books I read during this year were all written by women and were all part of my top 20.

They all have some aspect of gender or gender identity that is unique to their genre.

They were all highly readable.

Here’s how they stack up. 1.

The Bone Clocks by Jodi Picoult (Granta) Jodi’s first book, the first of four novels she will write during the year, was published in August.

It was about a boy who goes on an archaeological expedition to find a bone necklace.

In the book, Jodi makes the fascinating observation that even though the necklace itself is beautiful, people don’t want to touch it because they know it’s a treasure.

In a very interesting way, the necklace’s worth much more than it looks.

In fact, it could even be considered a “treasure” as its contents are so valuable.

Jodi and her husband, the anthropologist and filmmaker Stephen Krasinski, are making their way through the world as they write and travel.

The book’s subtitle, “A Bone Clocking is a Beautiful Thing,” describes the way Jodi captures this beauty and how she tells it through her characters and the stories she tells them.

The plot focuses on the boy who finds the necklace, who must fight to get it back, and ultimately the journey that follows.


The Wounded by Laura Hurley (Amazon) Another great novel from the talented writer of The Bone Files, The Wounds was published on October 4.

This is the first novel in a trilogy of novels that will be published in 2018.

In this book, a woman discovers her husband is a veteran and that he is suffering from PTSD.

Her story and the events that surround it have her feeling like a broken record and an emotional failure.

As a result, she becomes depressed and starts to leave her husband.

She leaves her job, she starts living independently and she starts a new life.

She has to be careful to keep her emotions in check.

This story has a lot to offer, because it’s about what it means to love someone you love and to be able to love again.


The Book Thief by J.K. Rowling (Simon & Schuster) Rowling has written three novels so far: The Goblet of Fire, The Casual Vacancy and The Casual Hearts.

The Casual Rings of Power is her first novel and will be her third published during the end of the summer.

In it, a character in an abusive marriage is allowed to stay with her children because of a family agreement.

The characters have to learn to work together to survive.

In The Casual Wars, the characters in an arranged marriage are forced to work as a team, because they can’t do their jobs as they wish.

In these stories, the story of love is about how you can have both a loving relationship and a relationship of power.


The Road to Witch Hill by Laura J. Elliott (Little, Brown) Another one of my favorites from this year, The Road To Witch Hill is set in the American South during the early 19th century.

The protagonist, Jane, has an older brother who has fallen in love with a witch.

Jane’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that this witch is an adult woman.

She must work to regain her brother’s trust, and find a way to return her to her former life as a young girl.

She is able to do so in the middle of a war.


A Very Long Engagement by Ayn Rand (Penguin Classics) Rand was the daughter of a wealthy publisher and her older sister.

The sister died of cancer, and Ayn grew up in poverty, but she never had a book published in her lifetime.

This was a book about the life of a woman who would become the founder of Atlas Shrugged.

She lived a life of luxury and wealth, but also a life where she became a writer.

It’s a story about the power of the imagination, the power to think in a way that others might not see.

Ayn is a true believer and her writing reflects that.

It tells a story of the power that lies in writing that you can believe in, and the power you can channel to inspire others.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Margo Martindale (Pantheon) Martindal is a former reporter who was fired for reporting a corruption scandal at a major newspaper.

This book is about a woman whose life is put in jeopardy when her boyfriend, who is also a journalist, tries to destroy her career and her reputation.

Her life is destroyed when a corrupt reporter contacts her to offer her a job as a reporter for his own publication. Mart