IGN: Scythe is an action RPG with a lot of elements from Diablo III, but is it the game I would recommend to anyone?

Scythe is an Action RPG with an RPG element that’s a little different from Diablo.

It’s about using your skills and skillset to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in order to survive, and you can also use items to buy more powerful weapons and items, which makes it a little more tactical than other RPG games.

While it may sound a bit simplistic, the game is actually quite fun, and the game design is very much in line with the style of the Diablo III games.

The game starts off in a desert with lots of trees and grassy hills.

As you approach the gates to the city, you can see a huge wall of trees blocking your path, but the more you use your skills, the more trees you can plant, and when you reach the gate, you get to walk into the city and explore.

The first thing you notice is how it’s really dark, and there are a lot more enemies and traps than in the game’s other installments.

The atmosphere is much more eerie and grim in this game, with the sounds of the wind and insects being heard.

You’ll also find a huge blacksmith who sells weapons and armour, and an axe that you can use to hack enemies to pieces.

The enemy designs in Scythe are a little strange, with a few things that make the game a little unique.

You can’t go around smashing everything, and each enemy has a unique attack, but there are also a few weapons and equipment that you don’t see often, like the dagger.

While you might be used to seeing a bunch of random weapons and gear, you’ll also notice that you’re getting a lot from the weapons in this part of the game, and this is a nice touch.

You get a lot by playing the game and exploring, and it’s worth it.

Another thing that stands out about Scythe is the fact that you get experience from killing enemies.

You gain experience by killing enemies, and while you might not be able to take the most powerful enemies down, you’re still able to get a few experience points each kill.

This means that you’ll get more experience when you kill the stronger enemies.

There are also skills that can be learned, and some of them can be very useful.

For example, you might find that using the shield will increase your defence and increase your chances of hitting an enemy.

There’s also a skill called the shieldbreaker that increases your armour rating, which is a good thing because you can easily take down some enemies with your shield.

The game also has some special attacks that are very strong, like throwing a sword at an enemy and hitting them with the shield, and they can also knock them down, which gives you more armour and a chance to hit them with an attack.

You can also get experience by defeating enemies that you’ve defeated before.

There is also an event where you can defeat enemies from the past and get experience, but you only get a small amount of experience, so you can’t really spend it on this.

Scythands gameplay style is very similar to Diablo III.

You control a character in a circle with two weapons and an enemy on the other side.

If you move the enemies around in the circle, you will get a boost to your defence, so it’s not a particularly difficult game to pick up.

The enemies in Scythe can move very quickly, so moving in the direction of the enemy is not difficult.

There are also some unique abilities in Scythe, such as the axe which can be used for more damage and can be wielded while you are running.

There also some skills that are really useful, such a shieldbreaker which increases your defence.

The best part about Scythe though is that you actually can do a lot with the weapons and you’re able to upgrade your weapons.

You also get a unique weapon called the Scythehammer, which you can pick up from some of the NPCs in the city.

You have to get it from the NPCs, who are either the Blacksmith, a merchant, or a priest, and then you have to use it to hack and smash enemies.

If the enemy you’re hacking is weak, you just have to keep smashing it to get more items and experience.

The Scythehammer is an interesting item, and not only is it unique, but it’s also very powerful.

When you get a certain level of experience from your kills, you also get the Scytheblades, which can only be obtained by killing enemy NPCs.

You will also get some special weapons called the scyther, which are extremely powerful weapons that can deal really high damage and also deal damage to enemies that have a high defence.

The combat in Scythe is very fast and quick, but this is due to the fact you can take your weapons down with just a few attacks.

You might also notice how you can get items by using the item-eating system in