The Elder Wars: Battleborn, the third installment of the MMO series announced last year, is due for a release in 2017.

That’s when the game’s first DLC, the “Battleborn: The War Within,” will be released.

The Elder games have a history of releasing DLC, but this time around the content is meant to tie in with the upcoming expansion, The War Beyond.

The War Inside will feature new dungeons, an all-new playable character, a new race, new weapons, and a host of other changes to the existing content.

There are no new players to play as yet, but it looks like players will have access to the game before its release.

It will likely be a relatively short period of time for fans to get into the game, but expect it to be a significant update to the original game.

If you want to see the DLC, which will be available on Xbox One and PC, then the game is available right now for pre-order right here.

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