In March, the Wall Street Review called Blue book “the best book of 2013” and the New York Times praised it as “the finest new adult book I have read this year.”

The New York Review of Books praised the book for “exploring complex themes about the relationship between the family, culture, and our place in the world,” and described Blue book as “one of the year’s most captivating books.”

The Washington Post called Blue books “brilliant” and praised it for “exemplifying the kind of novel that will make the world feel new again, a book that explores themes of race, class, and gender.”

And, the Atlantic called Blue Book a “love letter to bookshelves” and described it as a “brutal, uncompromising, and beautifully realized work.”

A few months later, The New Yorker hailed Blue Book as a great “masterpiece.”

The magazine wrote, “In its uncompromisingly unflinching exploration of gender and class, Blue Book shows that no one book can capture the universal essence of a particular moment, but it can do so with such eloquence, insight, and power that it seems impossible to overstate its significance.”

The Wall Street Times called Blue Books “the most exciting adult coloring book I’ve read in years,” and praised its “powerful, thoughtful, and beautiful prose.”

And Slate praised it on its cover as “a brilliant, deeply personal book that brings us closer to a universal humanity.”

In March, Slate also described Blue books as “powerful” and “the book of the decade,” and said it “expects to be one of the best-selling adult coloring titles of the entire year.”

The Atlantic said Blue Books is “a book of enormous power” and said, “this book is like a magic carpet.

You will have to put your shoes back on, but you will have never been able to put them back on the ground.”

The Guardian said it is “the greatest adult coloring novel of 2013.”

The New Yorker said Blue books is “beautiful and challenging” and that it “has a very powerful message about the world.”

And the New Yorker also praised it and said that Blue books was “truly a masterpiece.”

The best books of 2013, in no particular order, were: