Florence, Ohio (B/R) — An Ohio death note bookings website has been temporarily taken down after a family of five complained that they had been booked at the wrong location.

A family member who is listed as booking agent on the site, John C. Kuepper, told The Cincinnati Enquirer that he had been contacted by the family of the five who had booked their flights to visit their grandmother at a hospice.

Kuepper said he and his wife, Julie, had booked a hotel room in Florence, and had contacted the company that booked the hotel.

They then received a call from a person claiming to be a manager of the company.

When the person refused to answer any questions, they called the company to make an appointment to see a physician, and they received a confirmation number from the company, Kueker said.

The woman on the phone claimed to have already booked a room at the hotel, and told them to “come back in a few minutes,” Kuecker said.

He said he was told by the hotel manager that they were going to get a call back, but they didn’t.

The family member said they received an email from a manager at the company who told them they would be notified when they booked a flight.

The email, which was also sent to a member of the public, was a link to an email Kuekel sent to his grandmother, who had signed up to book a flight to the hospice for them.

Krewey’s family told CBS affiliate WCPO that they would not be able to book the flight because they did not have a medical certificate for the flight.

Kuerck told the station that the family has a medical history, and that he could not confirm if his grandmother had any prior medical conditions.

Kruekel told WCPo that he was not aware that the booking was canceled.

The company said it did not receive the booking for booking at the hospices, which are open to the public.

Küberle told WKBN-TV that the woman he had contacted, the company representative, was not able to speak to him because she had not booked a medical flight.

Kuesler told The Associated Press that he is now trying to contact the hospicares administrator in Florence and to get confirmation that the hospiced individuals are still available for booking.