If you’re a fan of motorcycle blue books, you might be interested in this new book from Jodi Picoult.

It’s a simple, one-page cover with a bright blue backdrop and the words “Motorcycle Blue” scrawled in the margins.

The cover is meant to be used for promotional purposes, such as for your own website or on social media, but it also serves as a stand-in for a brand name or product. 

If you want a bike cover that fits your personal style, you need to find the perfect one. 

Here’s how to get started.1.

Pick a brand. 

The best bike covers are all crafted by the same company, and you can see what’s available in the Jodi’s blog. 


Find the perfect size. 

You’ll need to choose between a small and medium size cover. 


Choose a colour. 

Pick a colour for your cover, and make sure you choose the right one for your brand.

It might be hard to choose the perfect colour for a small or medium cover, but a good rule of thumb is to choose one that matches your brand’s colours and your product’s colours. 


Pick the right font. 

Make sure that the font is the right size for your colour palette. 


Pick fonts that match your design. 

Once you’ve picked your font, you’ll want to pick a colour that matches the colour of your bike. 


Choose your font and logo. 

Choose a logo that will be easy to remember and easy to read. 


Create a copy. 

Copy the text of the cover, including the title, and paste it into your web design software of choice. 


Make a cover design.

 The next step is to make your cover design, which should look something like this: I recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create the cover design for this post. 

Create the cover in Photoshop with your brand logo on top, and then in Illustrator with the colours, fonts, and other details. 

For more bike cover inspiration, see this tutorial on how to make a cover using your own logo.9.

Upload your cover.

You’ll need an internet connection, a PDF reader, and a photo of your cover to use your cover as a logo.

The PDF should be a 16×20 version of your design that fits in the size of the document you want to upload. 

Download the cover from Jodie’s blog here:  Here are some of the images she used in her cover design: How to make an Instagram cover for your company with your own brand logo and logo The cover is ready to go in Illustator or Photoshop, and all you need is a few steps to create and upload the image. 


Choose the font and colour for the cover.

The font and colours should match your brand colour palette and the colour you chose in step 6. 

Find the colour that you want in your font palette and add it to the centre of the page. 

In Illustrator, find the image you want and select ‘Add To Grid’. 

In Photoshop, find your image and select the ‘Add Image to Grid’.

Add the new image to the ‘Grid’ menu and then click ‘Apply’. 

2, Create a cover logo.

You can use the same font, colour and logo as the cover you just created, but make sure to choose a colour and size that matches what you want on the cover of your business. 

Start by choosing a font that matches your brand colour and the font that you chose for your website and social media. 

I used a size 12, so I chose a font called Blueberry. 

Your logo should look like this in Illustrators: Your product’s name should match the logo of your brand, but you can also use your brand name if you want. 

Don’t worry if the font you chose doesn’t match your logo, you can choose another one to match. 

Add the new logo to the bottom of your document. 

Click ‘Add to Grid’ and then select your ‘Background’ menu item and then the ‘Layer’ menu option. 

Fill in the background colour with the colour on your logo.

 Make sure to leave the white space between the colours in the font palette.